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Corporate Events

Keith Alan Productions, LLC has been hosting corporate events for over 20 years. We are more than “just a DJ” when it comes to these events.

Game Show – We have the ability with our game show program to adapt to any business environment. We can turn a boring sales/marketing training session, new product introduction or the dreaded “policy and procedure meetings” and make them something that employees will look forward to attending. Doing a trade show? Want to get more people into your booth space? Our game show is perfect for that.

Team building – Our team building program plays a major part in our corporate business plan. Nothing works better than a well oiled, motivated staff. Our team building program encourages employees, from the top C.E.O. to the new hire to; work together as a team, boost morale, and enjoy themselves all at the same time.

Sound Reinforcement – We are in the sound business, it’s what we do. Have you ever attended an awards meeting or sales presentation where you haven’t been about to hear anything? We offer complete AV equipment for your presentations. A professional grade BOSE sound system will provide crystal clear audio that fill a room without blasting the front few rows. Our 2500 Lumen projector will easily project your laptops screen for a easily viewed presentation. Wireless microphones allow you the freedom to roam while you are presenting.

Disc Jockey Entertainment – Our interactive style of entertaining your employees, their families and your clients is never overbearing. All of the music we play for dancing is 100% radio friendly edits because we understand and respect corporate guidelines. For company picnic’s, we can incorporate games, dances and other fun activities for all ages to enjoy. Other popular events include Holiday parties, grand opening events and special promotions.

Photo Booth – The photo booth is just breaking into the corporate scene. At your corporate parties, it gives your employees and their spouse the opportunity to have a photo strip memento of the event. There will always be the people that just won’t dance and this provides them with some additional fun.

Photo Booth Promo – The photo booth has the potential to provide you with that business card that potential clients will NEVER toss out. Hire the booth for a trade show, you company logo and contact information on the same strip as their photo. It’s a proven way to get people not only to keep your information but to stay in your booth longer so you have the opportunity to sell your product or service.

These are the services but the way they can be utilized is limited only by your imagination. Together with our entertainment experience and your product/service expertise, we can create an event that will leave a lasting impression long after the program ends.

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