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Children’s Programs

There is nothing better than seeing happy kids! Any of these programs below can be used as birthday parties, graduations, school programs and picnics.

Tween Fun – This program is for the kids that are too old for the Wiggles but not ready for middle school dances. Here, we focus on other physical activities with hula-hoops, dancing, hand-eye coordination. In addition, the kids get to dance to some of their favorite songs. One of the most important parts of any of our youth parties in the music. ALL of our music is made up of clean radio edits.

Game Show – The game show can be booked out as a separate program and is makes a great combination party for kids. All of our questions are grade level appropriate from kindergarten to high school. We are always updating our questions so game never gets old. In addition, what kid doesn’t like “Simon Says” or other silly games?

Game Show Schools – This is a fantastic way for kids to learn! In the school environment, teachers can provide us with questions to reinforce what the students are learning in the classroom. This is a great program that can be used as a school wide P.B.I.S. reward day. Also, this can be used as a pretesting activity to help the students prepare for the state mandated tests.

Keith Alan is an endorsed professional entertainer by the Connecticut Parent/Teacher Association and references are available upon request.

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