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Everybody loves Bingo!

Around the world, Bingo is one of the most popular games for all ages. We are adding a new twist to an old favorite to take it to another level. Since we are a music based company, here’s what we did. We thew out the numbers of tradition bingo and replaced them with songs. That’s right, MUSIC BINGO! Here’s a couple of our variations:

Jukebox Bingo – Senior Edition

This is one of our most popular versions of the game. There are two things our seniors love, their music and, of course, BINGO! By using music from their generation, it brings back fond memories and they hear songs they know and can sing along too. We help them out by showing the names of the songs on the “big screen” so if they just can’t recall the name, it’s there for them. 

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Here’s what a few of our past clients have to say about the program

Debra Voelker – Program Director – Wallingford Senior Center Keith Alan’s Jukebox Bingo is a fabulous “name that tune” bingo game that is a wildly popular activity at our center. Our members not only enjoy the competition of the game, they love the song clips and the music! Jukebox Bingo is a fun, upbeat, toe-tapping and head-bopping activity. Keith is the best!
Becky Sullivan – Program Coordinator – Colchester Senior Center Our seniors were transported back in time during Keith’s Jukebox Senior Bingo program! It combined two of their favorite activities– bingo & great music! I loved the extra component of unscrambling song titles, giving everyone an extra fun challenge! Keith was interactive and fun, which really set the stage for a great afternoon!
Darcy Battye – Program Coordinator – Lebanon Senior Center Everyone wanted to know where I found you when in fact you found us and I’m so glad you did!
Jukebox Bingo provided everyone who stayed with a wonderful afternoon of fun. In my mind it was a “toe tapping ” good time of remembering oldies but goodies from the time in the lives of our seniors, when good things were happening.
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Jukebox Bingo – Kids Edition

Kids love bingo and this game is great for kids of all ages. For the younger children, we use songs that are age appropriate and easily recognizable. We can also use pictures that display on our big screen. Then, the players just match the pictures on their cards. This is a great activity for after school programs or camps.

For the older kids, we use Top-40 music (all edited) for their games.  In addition to playing music, we can also use music videos for added fun. This can be used for camps, overnight safe prom events, safe gradation parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s  

Jukebox Bingo – Bar Edition

Extreme Bingo is our bar version of the game. Here, we use several different genre’s of music so we can really mix things up. We use oldies (60’s thru 90’s), current (00’s thru today), classic’s (rock, dance, funk), country and movies/TV music. Our most popular category is The 80’s by far! Because we have so much to pick from, each week is always something different. Plus, playing the different bingo patterns add to the fun.  

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The goal of the bar edition is to keep your patrons engaged. Unlike other activities, everyone at the venue is able to play if they choose. By keeping them involved in the game, they will stay longer at your at your establishment resulting in more sales.


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