The newest way to play trivia!

Keith Alan takes your standard group trivia game and upgrades it to 2022!  Our games are played using Smart Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc) as answering devices.  No need to write your answers down and submit them.

Teams will play using one device to answer.   Teams who get it right the fastest get a bonus!  Before the game starts teams get to pick a buzzer linked to their name.  When they are the fastest team their buzzer will play and their team name will show up on the screens and the TVs/Projector screens!


Depending on the game, we offer several types of different game play options.  Here are some of them:

  • Keypad – Teams Answer Multiple Choice, First Letter, Number and Sequence questions.
  • Buzz-in Classic – One Team will buzz in with a verbal answer if wrong, they do not get answer points, but are excluded for buzzing in on the next question. Once marked wrong remaining teams can buzz in until we get a correct answer.
  • Buzz-in Advanced – We read a question out loud and 1 team will buzz in with a verbal answer.  If that team is right they receive the full point value of the question, if wrong they lose that point value.  The remaining teams can agree or disagree during the countdown to get half of the point value.
  • Nearest Win – These are number-style questions where one team will receive a bonus point value for being the closed number to the correct answer.
  • Clips Round – We randomize audio clips and teams tap their screen when the song is playing to receive points.  Tap too early and you are out until we pick the next song.

Our games are laid out in 4 rounds of play and each round consists of 15 general trivia questions. Periodically, we can throw in a round or two of  a specialized topic. We do break between rounds to allow for “nature breaks” and, if playing in a restaurant, to give players an opportunity to place drink or food orders. In addition, we have some fun “between round” activities to keep everyone involved.

We also offer full themed programs like, “Stranger Things”, “The Office”, “Disney”, “Harry Potter”, “The Big Bang Theory” and many more.

It’s a fun game for all! Book a game today or come find us at a location near you!




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